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    Default 955 front end weight

    I have an older 5' brush hog (i.e. heavy) that I use behind my 955. Sometimes I do not want the FEL on the tractor when using the brush hog and front end of the tractor gets way too light. Just curious how much weight others with a 955 or similar sized tractor are using on the front of their tractors.

    I don't have suitcase weights, but I have several hundred pounds of steel plates about 18" x 8" x 1". I am going to fabricate my own bracket to stack these plate on for front weight.

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    Default Re: 955 front end weight

    I have a 790 with the same thing going on. I have a old weight of some kind, looks like a counter weight of some sort. Probably 100lbs, that I drilled 4 holes in and mounted to the front weight bracket on the tractor and works good. Need about another 25lbs or so for it to be perfect. Even have front tires filled. Have to take it on and off though. Will not work with loader on. Serves my needs though. I would do something with the weights u have. Suit case weights r $$$$$$$$$! Also, I think I saw a front weight bracket on ebay that might fit your tractor.
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