I have 1994 JD 1070 - my first tractor that I have been gaining experience in using over the past 6 months since I bought it. This weekend, I had my first chance to work with the PTO by borrowing a neighbors brush hog to mow my acreage. But I went through 4 shear bolts where the PTO axle pins to the mower gear box shaft. The JD manual indicates that the clutch in the fully depressed position disengages the PTO ... but when I push in the clutch all the way and actuate the PTO lever, there is immediate power to the PTO with no easing into it. I think it is at this point that I am shearing the bolts. With the engine off, I had a helper pump the clutch all the way down ... the linkage going to the PTO area in the rear of the tractor did not move even a little. I see that the linkage has a turnbuckle for lengthening or shortening the rod... could I resolve my PTO clutch linkage problem by lengthening (or shortening??) the rod, or could there be some other problem? Any advice for making the adjustment is greatly appreciated.