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    Default Oil Drain plug ? 5083E

    Time to change the oil. The drain plug takes a square male socket. 3/8 driver is to small. Does anyone know what size this is Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by wideurt
    Time to change the oil. The drain plug takes a square male socket. 3/8 driver is to small. Does anyone know what size this is Thanks
    Metric maybe?? 10mm??

    See conversion here...


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    Have you tried a 1/2" drive?

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    Default Re: Oil Drain plug ? 5083E

    Went to JDparts catalog and the plug part number is R515195. Went to part detail looked up the part and the following specs where provided.

    I second WilliamBos post indicating 10mm

    English Metric Specification
    Weight 0.09 LBS 0.04 Kg
    Thread Diameter 22.000 MM
    Thread Pitch 1.500 UNITY
    Drive Size 10.000 MM
    Length 10.000 MM
    Length 13.000 MM
    Diameter 30.000 MM
    Drive Type SQSCH

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    Default Re: Oil Drain plug ? 5083E

    A 1/2" square drive works on my JD 5225 engine-oil drain plug.

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