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    Default What will a 4105 take?

    What will a 4105 take for haying equip? Also do you guys think it can take a snow pusher? Or would it be better to upgrade to 4320 or bigger? Thanks

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    Default Re: What will a 4105 take?

    You could rake, tedd and mow with a 4105 - without too much difficulty. Of course, you could also run an older, small square baler with the 32+ hp @ pto as well.

    The 2-range eHydro would not be nearly as efficient as the 3-range eHydro on the 4x20 series tractors, though. I'm afraid that you would be working the tractor in low range for virtually all the time - even raking and tedding.

    No guess on the long term durability of the 4105 for haying, though. You might find that the 3-cylinder, 91c.i. engine would be struggling to maintain through-put with the baler and to some extent even with a small, disc mower in heavy hay.

    There has also been some mention of the smaller framed tractors with the eHydro tranny going into "relief" with a baler in heavy hay/alfalfa by owner's here on TBN.

    I used my JD110 (33hp @ pto) for one season's haying. It did all the work... mowing, tedding, raking and running a JD 336 square baler. Very capably managed all the work except the baler. It did in fact, "manage" the baler but it was on the edge and I would not choose to do that on a long-term basis!

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