Well, with summer winding down, I figured I should start looking at adding some lights on the ROPS before the snow flies (and I start my first season plowing). From everything I've been told, the front lights are pretty much useless with the loader on. So, i made up some brackets for the ROPS and purchased a couple relays/wire/switches and sat down today to look at were to run the wiring. Let's just say that I'm scratching my head. I'm trying to figure out where to pick up power for the relay (obviously 1 wire goes to the battery. I mean the other hot wire), the best way to route the wiring and the best place to mount the switches. I thought I'd turn to you guys and see if anyone can share what they did. I've read a ton of the other threads on this board but I didn't really find quite what I need. So, does anyone want to share their thoughts/experiences on adding additional lights on the 955?