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    Default John Deere 2640 Tractor? Help?

    My father in law is thinking about buying a JD 2640. He found it on Craigslist, so he isnt sure on the hours right now, but the photos seem good. It has new tires and battery. Does anyone know of any problems with tractors. I know that statement is kind of vague, but just looking for some general info. Thanks. GK

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    Default Re: John Deere 2640 Tractor? Help?

    The 2640 is a great tractor. It has a very gutsy 276 cu. in. engine. No real problem areas on these models. There are two versions. The early version was before 341,000 serial number and late models were after 341,000, The later ones are somewhat more desirable IMO. They had larger capacity transmission pump and a sturdier Hi-Lo unit. The only real downfall to these were marginal cooling system. If you don't keep radiator perfectly clean, they tend to overheat easily. They could have used a larger radiator. They work OK as long as you are diligent in keeping radiator clean.

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