I need some measurements from any one with a John Deere 563 or 673 loader.
I have a John Deere 640 loader.
S.S.Q.A. Skid Steer Quick Attach carrier was never available for it.
I am wondering if I could adapt the S.S.Q.A from a 563/673 loader.
Before I buy I need some measurements:

1 Width of boom, center to center.
2 Pin to pin center to center. (lower bucket pin, curl/dump linkage pin) where they mount into the S.S.Q.A. carrier.
3 Measurement between the two vertical plates the above mentioned pins go thru. (to see if my boom is narrow enough to fit between them)
4 Width of a boom arm which fits in #3 above
5 Overall width of your S.S.Q.A. carrier

From these measurements I think I can determine if this will work.
S.S.Q.A. appears have one pin all the way across at the bottom, and one pin each side, for curl/dump linkage.

Thanks in advance