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    Default Re: all hail pledge furniture polish!!

    Yesterday I was reading the race-dezert forum and those guys
    use Pledge (some of them) on there roll bars to inhibit rust.
    You can not paint roll bars I believe so inspectors and
    owners can look for cracks periodically. FWIW


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    Default Re: all hail pledge furniture polish!!

    Quote Originally Posted by MoKelly View Post
    Plus, it leaves the tractor with that Lemony smell.

    It's definitely one of the best kept secrets for machine cosmetic care. Fairly inexpensive too.


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    Default Re: all hail pledge furniture polish!!

    I use wax/protectant that is made for Marine / Boats. This is the ultimate protection you can get. UV protection and lasts a long time.

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    Default Re: all hail pledge furniture polish!!

    I had a guy one time who I found very irritating who was attempting to buy an old kit car from me. Kept complaining about everything including the lack of shine. Finally said he would buy it IF I could shine it up. I did, (used Crisco shortening) and he bought it. Wonder what it looked like after the first wash. Some people ezpect you to make it like new even if you have stated it is "as is".

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    Default Re: all hail pledge furniture polish!!

    Quote Originally Posted by JT on a JD View Post
    I just looked at a bottle of liquid caranuba wax that I had in the shed, it warned not to put the stuff on plastic or most of the green stuff on my 3032...

    Just goes to show, read the fine print!
    They don't want you to get it on unpainted plastic trim pieces. The reason is because it is a real pain to get off and if you don't get it off. You will have a nice white spot on your trim forever. Everyone has done this at one point and some people tape off those areas.

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    Default Re: all hail pledge furniture polish!!

    I had a single-engine airplane for 10 years and I used pledge on the prop and the leading edge of the wing and tail assembly. All of these surfaces were painted alum. The plane was waxed with a quality aircraft wax - but - as you would suspect the wind, dust, rain and BUGS hitting these surface edges takes its toll on wax. Pledge was easy to apply, kept the surfaces looking great and - most of all - made the bug splatter very easy to remove. I never had any problem with discoloration or damage to the paint.

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    Default Re: all hail pledge furniture polish!!

    My car dealer up the road was using pledge polish for years, I mean back in the 80's. So this is nothing new.
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    I use Pledge on my Golf Cart wind shield and dash, as well as on my Honda Rancher plastics. I love the stuff makes old garden tractor plastics shine. I just picked up a John Deere GT 235 tonight that has set outside uncovered for 5 years. I'll try to post before and after pictures when I get to that project. I prefer the orange can, smells good.
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