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    Default Fuel Primer Diaphram

    JD4320. Almost finished mowing a field, she started leaking diesel like a sieve through the fuel plunger rod hole. On inspection, the diaphram (a rubber piece shaped like a paint spray can cap but smaller) only 6 years old had some dry rot and a small hole which the fuel, under pressure, was escaping from. I looked all over for a replacement diaphram (maybe $5 dollars), but had to replace the entire fuel filter assembly for $50 bucks. OK, glad for an easy fix and $50 seemed reasonable cost for the assembly, but why couldn't I get the diaphram only? I'm guessing if it's not in the online parts catalog, dealers don't carry it. Any suggestions on how to obtain a part like this?

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    Default Re: Fuel Primer Diaphram

    It's not very likely that you will find just the diaphram.

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    Default Re: Fuel Primer Diaphram

    Six years old makes it pre-ULSD. Folks switching to soon found ULSD to be hard on the rubber components of the fuel system. Sounds like that's what you're describing. I don't know if one exists, but kits were later made available containing all the rubber or rubberized bits made from ULSD resistant Viton. You might check with your dealer to see is such a kit exists for your machine

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