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    Default Where Do You Get Your Backhoe Teeth From? Bucket Mount Measurements?

    I've got an old JD 401C with a 24" bucket that was missing a tooth when I bought it. All the teeth have been welded on (looks like a long time ago) so I'm sure I'll reweld the new one(s) on. Does anyone know which style of teeth these are? The bucket is so old and worn I can't tell which style they are. I do know originally they pinned on from the side. I'd like to stick with the flare teeth. Most of my digging is in sand so they work great.

    Replacement Teeth from John*Deere

    JD Original Line, CAT, H&L?

    Second question, which model backhoe buckets are interchangeable with mine? For instance, can I put a 210, 310, 400, 410, 510, etc. backhoe bucket on mine? Or, if I was to rebuild my bucket, what thickness and type of metal would I use for the skin? 1/2", 3/4", 1", hot rolled plate, carbon sheet, etc.

    Alro Metals Selection Guide - Carbon Plate/Sheet

    Can someone measure their bucket, if they have one off the hoe, and give me the pin sizes, distance between the ears, center to center measurement on the holes on the bucket.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Where Do You Get Your Backhoe Teeth From? Bucket Mount Measurements?

    You will need replacement shanks that accept either #23 or #24 teeth (probably #23) and fit your cutting edge thickness. Then you can purchase the style tooth you want to fit the shanks.

    One source I found that has good info:
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