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    Default Re: JD 2305 PTO Shaft Adjust Procedure-rear case failure

    Quote Originally Posted by BUBBAX View Post
    your friends are beautiful.. border collies
    thank you for the reply.
    do you have a john deere oem parts supply, who has john deere 'upgrades'; original equipment manufactured [oem] you may recommend ? in need of, replacing the worn out units [1500 hours];
    1. cross bearing #am37184.@$39.80 x 2 units
    2. yoke #m15054.@$36.64.
    3. opposite yoke #m150575.@$41.89.
    re: mfwd driveline parts; universals and yokes.
    Found aftermarket suppler who has improved 'heavy duty' or
    jd oem 'upgrades' should be their 'heavy duty' trade name;
    as jd listed ' wheel bearings' upgrades. replacement for bushing/sleeve on jd riding mowers, etc. any suggestions are welcome. reading many jd owners, these owners are asking for improving thier oem parts with heavy duty or jd upgrades, than to replace, known 'weak' and 'aluminum' oem parts. thank you again and happy tractoring
    You should move your post to here:
    It's more about what your trying to get at where this thread is not.
    2010 JD 2305 with; 200CX FEL, MMM 54" w/Hydraulic Lift, Woods 48" BrushBull, Fronteir 6' York Rake..Moto-Guzzi

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    Default Re: JD 2305 PTO Shaft Adjust Procedure-rear case failure

    My 2305 J.D just chewed up 10 bolts I figure from the crown gear in the differential. While pushing leafs. Heard a loud noise like cable under high tension. Was in 4wd low at time. Drove it back to garage approximately 50ft.front wheel drive only. Serviced tranny found metal shavings in tranny oil. Serviced Suction filter and found it full of metal shavings and then...10each 3/8" x 1" L bolts approximate size. 2 ok,4bent and maybe 4 snapped off. To me this seems like poor construction? I am hoping J.D. Will do something for me as it was a $25,000 purchase with backhoe,loader,mower 54". 7years of service does not seem like I got a fair deal on this tractor of a lifetime purchase... help. Is this fixable?

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    Uh oh.. Read about that scenario, repeated many times a,lung owners of pre-09 2305s. So far, no one has seen an adequate JD response to their engineering failure... Search here for those threads, lots of good warning for us '05 owners... I'm a little nervous about hitching up my rototiller...

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