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your friends are beautiful.. border collies
thank you for the reply.
do you have a john deere oem parts supply, who has john deere 'upgrades'; original equipment manufactured [oem] you may recommend ? in need of, replacing the worn out units [1500 hours];
1. cross bearing #am37184.@$39.80 x 2 units
2. yoke #m15054.@$36.64.
3. opposite yoke #m150575.@$41.89.
re: mfwd driveline parts; universals and yokes.
Found aftermarket suppler who has improved 'heavy duty' or
jd oem 'upgrades' should be their 'heavy duty' trade name;
as jd listed ' wheel bearings' upgrades. replacement for bushing/sleeve on jd riding mowers, etc. any suggestions are welcome. reading many jd owners, these owners are asking for improving thier oem parts with heavy duty or jd upgrades, than to replace, known 'weak' and 'aluminum' oem parts. thank you again and happy tractoring
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