I bought this product on ebay, just search Renew Blak if ya interested. (I orderd the Blak and the Satn from seller. he sent me the Satn and Glos, I emailed him and he quickly sent out the Blak,.....so I got a free bottle!)

I live in Florida and the tractor has spent alot of time sitting outside, so the plastic was gray.
The first pic is before and the second pic is after two coats of the Blak. It says for a better look appliy the Satn or Glos over the Blak, but I got busy installing my new water temp. gauge and didnt apply anything after the Black.

I,ve spent anbout an hour mowing yesturday and still looks the same.

For some reason I had problems loading pics, tried everything, so click on link and you;ll see the fist and second one is the next pic.

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