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    Default Re: Break-In Plus after 100hrs?

    I put the first 200 hrs on my 3320 in a little over 2 months. Changed the oil at 198 hrs. I worked it hard for its break in, actually changing the oil filter and adding a couple quarts at around 50 hrs. because I punctured the filter clearing some brush.

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    Default Re: Break-In Plus after 100hrs?

    I just listen to my dealership and the mechanics, seeing that they sell a lot of 3000, 4000 and 5000 series tractors. The mechanic and service manager told me to run the engine hard first 50 to 60 hours and then change the break-in oil with regular 15W40 due to the 3000 and 4000 having a cast-in-block engine. The mechanic stated that this is what John Deere recommended to them and they have had good success with this oil change schedule. For the 5000 series with a wet-sleeve engine, the mechanic stated they tell their customers to run the engine for 100 to 125 hours before changing out the break-in oil. If you want to run break-in oil up to 100 hours in your cast-in-block engine, I do not think there would be any harm doing it based on reading the JD Break-in Oil Plus specs. After the break-in oil change, the oil change schedule is every 200 hours for regular oil, 500 hours for the JD Plus 50 II oil or every year; whichever comes first.

    JD Break-in Oil Plus Specs.

    JD Plus 50 II Oil Specs.
    John Deere and New Holland/Ford Tractors and stuff

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