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    Default How to attach hydraulic log splitter

    I've been looking at a log splitter that attaches to a tractor's hydraulic system.

    I have a 2012 2320 but do not have the rear remotes installed. Is it possible to run this off my loader hydraulics, or will I need to install the rear remotes?


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    Default Re: How to attach hydraulic log splitter

    You can run off the FEL ports, but you still need to run lines. I would go with rear remotes if you can swing it.

    Others that are more familiar with your model may have a better perspective of options and alternatives.
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    Default Re: How to attach hydraulic log splitter

    It would be better if you connected into the PB circuit on the tractor, and ran a hose and QD to the back.

    However, you can run some hoses to the back and lock down the FEL lever for that spool.

    Your pump flow is about 3.4 GPM, so you could benefit with faster times with a valve made by Prince LSR-3060-3.

    The Prince LSR-3060-3 Log Splitter valve has a fast ( RAPID EXTEND HIGH SPEED MODE FOR LOG SPLITTERS )

    Has average of 50% reduction in amount of time it takes to get a fully retracted cylinder

    extended. Built to reduce system cost by working with a less expensive single stage

    pump. When splitting wood and the need for that extra splitting force , the LSR -3060-3

    will allow the user to manually shift from high speed mode to high splitting force mode.

    Advantage of the LSR eliminates the need for a Hi-Lo pump, reduces the overall cost of building a typical wood splitter.

    Up to 25 GPM from a inlet flow of 4 Gallon per min pump

    Pressure release detent on return stroke

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