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    Default Ajusting tracks on JD 350B dozer

    Hello Everyone, I just inherieted my dads 350B dozer and notice one side of the track is loose. The year of the machine is a 1975. Can I used a regular grease gun with plain chassis grease to extend the track? Also, I don't have a button type grease gun adapter. Is is advisable to change the zerk so a regular car grease gun will work? Is there anything else anyone can suggest about adjusting this track? Also, what should I be able to sell this unit for once I get done with a little project? It has 2200 hours on it and had the tracks, rollers and sprokets replaced a few hundred hours ok. I am in Flint MI. Thank you for your assistance.

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    Default Re: Ajusting tracks on JD 350B dozer

    Can't speak specifically about the grease to use but I would recomend staying with the button head style. You can get them from about any dealer esp ones that sell construction equipment of about any color expect them to be $20-$30.

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    Default Re: Ajusting tracks on JD 350B dozer

    I used lithium grease in a regular grease gun with the button type fitting obtained from Deere. Never had a problem while I owned the dozer.

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    Most probably uses oil instead of grease. Would use grease perodically to make small adjustments. Not sure why grease alone wouldn't work but must be a reason. Research it!

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    Default Re: Ajusting tracks on JD 350B dozer


    I posted this in another thread but it is also pertinent to your situation.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mace Canute View Post
    As long as the new grease is compatible with your old grease it will be ok. When two incompatible greases are mixed, one of two things can happen...either the mixture hardens and will not release any of the oil or the mixture softens and releases all of the oil.

    B = Borderline C = Compatible I = Incompatible
    I would also recommend that you purchase the proper button head style end for your grease gun as others have stated. Switching to the common style of zerk might be tempting but not all zerks are created equal. Most are not designed to withstand high pressure; if you use such a one on the track tensioner, you stand a good chance of it blowing out the first time any extra pressure is transmitted to it from regular use. Depending on what you are doing at the time, a situation like that might prove to be anything from just inconvenient to throwing a track.

    As far as the rest of your questions go, I suggest you slip over to - The Enthusiasts Site for John Deere Crawlers and ask them; probably the best site for antique JD crawlers on the web.

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