Parked skid steer on trailer and moved it inside unheated barn and next day it would not start. Very cold here in Michigan (5 degrees)so we started a fire in the wood burner and put a LP heater on the engine. Warmed everything up for hours and brought temp in building up to 40 degrees. Battery is good and spins brand new starter just fine.
Fuel pump replaced 30 days ago and also pumped out fuel tank to remove any debris and replaced fuel filter. Has been running fine and starting great after all those new parts and suddenly dead. Turns over and blows white smoke. Won't fire even with a squirt of ether which I find puzzling. All other diesel equipment we run will actually run on the ether if you keep squirting it in.
Broke open fuel line on high pressure side injector of one injector and turned engine over, it squirts out in spurts (don't know if this is normal).
Checked all fuses and have power to high pressure pump.
I've heard talk of a "thermistor" but do not know where it is or how to check it.

Any thoughts on what to do next? Hard to work on because it is in a trailer with 4 foot sides and can't get it out or raise the booms for easy access to anything.