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    Default A nice fleet of green machines....

    Took this picture yesterday after doing some hiking. It's an old metal barn/shed used as a shop to maintain this fleet of JD's. The building is right beside an access point on a public hiking trail, my little pup pup and I walked a couple miles of the trail for some exercise and to enjoy the scenery (and the greenery)!!!

    There are nine tractors in the bunch! Three of them have flat tires. One of them has three flat tires. Anyway, looks like one of their main purposes in life is to pull bat wing mowers, as you can probably make out a couple of them in the pic. There is also another BW mower on the other side of the building, under a lean too that's attached to it. Also, a big dually under the shed which I assume is used to pull the GN trailer around to move all that stuff. The funny thing is usually when you see this many big tractors, they are usually right beside large fields for hay, etc. Well, there aren't any really large fields real close, although there are some I suppose within tractor driving distance of this shop. Thought you might enjoy seeing this little fleet.

    Btw, the hiking trail is pretty nice. All total this section is a bit over 12 miles, and it actually used to be an old railroad line. A Nature Conservancy was given control of it, after the rr that owned it pulled up all the tracks and cross ties. The line basically follows a creek for most of the 12 miles, and there are numerous trestles that you get to walk across, but the biggest trestle is at the opposite end, where it crosses over a very WIDE river called Broad River, of all things. That trestle is all metal and concrete, and is about 3/8mile in length. The first trestle built there was all wood and was burned by Sherman's troops (d**n him!) during the civil war, and you can still see where the pilings were set in place, when the water is low. So, me and the pup pup had an enjoyable afternoon!

    A nice fleet of green machines....-pto-shaft-001-jpg
    Nothing could be finer than riding my JD790 in South Carolina!!

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    Default Re: A nice fleet of green machines....

    Nothing like a walk with your Best friend to soothe one's Soul. Thanks for posting.
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    Default Re: A nice fleet of green machines....

    Very amusing post. The Deere tractors appear to be all modern day models, ie, not older iron. Represents a large investment and makes one wonder what they are used for given the environment described and all the flat tires. Maybe the guy repairs tractor tires for others.

    Those old railroad beds can be great for recreation. We have a number here in PA that are used the same way -- especially the ones in the mountains with tunnels, bridges and switch-back rails for going over mountains.

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    Those look like they belong to a crew that maintains the right of way, hence the amber strobe lights on each tractor. This time of year they wouldn't get any use out of them so no need to keep the tires up.

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