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    Default Re: Can't get air bled out of fuel system, 5203, ideas?

    I think you are almost there. As long as you have fuel to the actual injection pump keep cranking with the lines loose at the injectors. Once a fuel system gets full of air they can be very stubborn to get the air out.
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    Default Re: Can't get air bled out of fuel system, 5203, ideas?

    Quote Originally Posted by Verticaltrx View Post
    So, I'm about at wits end. I've tried everything I know and can't seem to get it bled, maybe there is something else going on that isn't letting it get bled, IDK. Maybe the newly charged battery will help it crank better and start.
    Have you tried the CHAIN IE towing method?? Also try removing the fuel return line and see if fuel comes out of the fitting at the pump.

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    Default Re: Can't get air bled out of fuel system, 5203, ideas?

    I have a saying, if you cannot figure out the problem is that you are looking in the wrong place.

    Can you hear the fuel solenoid clicking? Most likely this is not the problem, but would you mind checking the fuses and disconnecting the connector to temperature sensor that is connected to the fuel injection solenoid.

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    Default Re: Can't get air bled out of fuel system, 5203, ideas?

    i am glad you got it cleaned out but sometimes it is hard to get them to start.i would recommend that you fill the fuel tank all the way up ,then pump it up then get a can of starting fluid and start it a few times and see if it will pick the fuel up.if it doesn't start it may not have fire to the injector pump.see if you can get it started.if not we will talk about getting fire to the pump.

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    Default Re: Can't get air bled out of fuel system, 5203, ideas?

    Finally got it started today, the fully charged battery did the trick. Just had to get it cranking fast enough to final get the fuel to the injectors. I think I had it primed the other night but didn't have enough power to actually get it started. I added 8oz of Power Service additive to a full tank of fuel and ran it for about an hour while regrading the driveway. Hopefully it got well circulated and I won't have to deal with this again. Thanks for everyone's help.
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