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    Default Re: JD 2720 Hydralic Fluid & Snow Blower

    PMFJI... I found a photo online that may help (see arrow).

    Just inside the left fender, where the L-N-H lever protrudes is a rectangular cutout in the seat base panel. Look down in the cutout and you will see a loop handle on top a thin dipstick. It is very difficult to get to as you must reach your hand down into the hole to grab the handle. The bottom edge of the plastic is a bit sharp so you have to be careful not to cut your hand. Once you know where to look, it is also visible from the rear of the tractor if you look straight in along side the fender.

    I hope this helps.

    JD 2720 Hydralic Fluid & Snow Blower-2720_seat-jpg

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    Default Re: JD 2720 Hydralic Fluid & Snow Blower

    Thanks for the info. I found it. No wonder there is no mention in the owners manual to **** tough to get at. Any thing else i should know? Like maybe a pot of gold hiding under the right fender. I owe you a beer for the help

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    Default Re: JD 2720 Hydralic Fluid & Snow Blower


    Easy way to get the dipstick out is to use a wire coathanger. The fluid level should be checked cold, 3pt, loader or front hitch all the way down, tractor level, sitting overnight if possible. The sight glass is a quick field reference, it should not be used for a level indicator. Remember, proper fill is BETWEEN low and full marks, do not over fill. If you have a hard time seeing the level, Deere sells the red dye you can add.

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