My 955 has been parked for the last two and a half months while I've been (slowly) rebuilding the engine. Tractor didn't leak a drop when I parked it. After sitting for several weeks with the engine out, I noticed a wet spot on the floor beneath the transaxle. I tracked the leak down to the mating surface where the rear final drive bolts to the transaxle case... my precious Low-Vis liquid gold was leaking out! I figured the gasket failed and I picked up a new one and planned on tackling that problem once I had the engine back in the tractor. Tonight, I started poking around the leak area to see what all I'd need to remove to get the final drive off to replace the gasket. Just for the heck of it, I put a wrench on the final drive bolts and 4 of them on the front side of the final drive were loose. Time will tell if simply tightening the bolts will stop the leak. So, check the final drive case bolts from time to time.

Another "check your torque" thread for you x55 owners-finaldrivesm-jpg