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    Default JD 450D dozer -- need help with two problems

    #1 dozer stopped moving forward or backward on steep incline -- felt like gears dis-engaged. was told to fill hydraulic fluid to mid level of window on right side of dozer. did that. worked fine, then later in the day same thing happened going forward on incline. rolled back and gears re-engaged and off i went. hydraulic fluid at that point was not low ( if 1/2 way up the window is the proper level). help please.
    #2 occasionally i need to turn light switch on and off to get the dozer to start, and the instrument panel to light up. already took the panel off and cleaned out a wet mice's nest which was shorting things, but that problem cleared and still have the issue every third time I try to start up. now what?
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Default Re: JD 450D dozer -- need help with two problems

    [in advance for any advice.[/QUOTE]

    This is the reason I don't own a crawler. They seem to need more maintenance than work hours. Expensive to fix, hard to load if they don't run, and have many internal problems not easy to repair. I hire one by the hour for my needs and the problems with ownership also go. By the way, the last Case 1150 I hired broke down shortly after unloading. Good luck with your repairs.

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