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    Default 200CX Parking Stand Repair

    200CX Parking Stand Repair

    Last Fall when removing my 200CX the Parking Stand bent. After filing a complaint with JD and getting no satisfaction (JD rep. said the stand is not a big problem only 400 stands sold in 5 years) I decided to fix the stand myself and reinforce it. JD could warranty that a new stand would not ever bend.

    Here is what I did.
    Upon first inspection you can see the slot where the tube back plate goes into the mount brackets. This area was not welded at all.
    Since I could see the mounting brackets were bent also I decided to cut them off at the welds and straighten those pieces first. The welds were easily cut since the factory welds did not go completely thru the steel. This is a bad welding practice in my book.
    I took a pic of the bracket after I cut it off. You can easily rust forming where the tube met the bracket and no paint got into the small open crack.

    Next I heated up the tubes and straighten them.
    Then I welded a piece of シ thick by 1-1/2 bar stock to the underside forming a gusset plate.
    It will take a lot to bend that.
    Then I installed the brackets on 200CX frame and positioned the stand where it was originally using pics of the tractor when it was new. (Good reason to take good pics.)
    With the tractor covered I spot welded the tube to the brackets, then removed the stand and finished the welds.
    I have attached a pic of the finished stand in primer.
    When primer dried I installed the completed unit and tested it to make sure the gusset bar did not hit or interfere with anything. I found plenty of room I could have even installed a bigger bar.
    Final pic is the stand now repainted in JD green and ready to be installed.

    FYI: The stand can be installed and removed with the 200CX on the tractor. A little tricky but it can be done.

    In CT.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 200CX Parking Stand Repair-1_bent-stand-1-jpg   200CX Parking Stand Repair-2_not-welded-thru-jpg   200CX Parking Stand Repair-3-rust-not-welded-jpg   200CX Parking Stand Repair-4_straight-tubes-jpg   200CX Parking Stand Repair-5_remount1-jpg  

    200CX Parking Stand Repair-6_remount2-jpg   200CX Parking Stand Repair-7_org-postion-jpg   200CX Parking Stand Repair-8_fixed-stand-primer-jpg   200CX Parking Stand Repair-9_the-test-jpg   200CX Parking Stand Repair-10_jd-green-jpg  

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    Default Re: 200CX Parking Stand Repair

    It is funny they keep up that story about the stands....the two that I have owned in the last three years, and the dealer told me they are all a little bent after a few on and offs...

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    Default Re: 200CX Parking Stand Repair

    Nice job Paul!

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    Default Re: 200CX Parking Stand Repair

    Thank you for the compliments. I really did not want to pay $300+ for a new stand whichmight bend in the future.
    I donot think the 1/4" thick bar will bend and it really does not look to bad since its under the tube.
    I just look at an add for a JD 2305 for sale and he stand is bent worse then mine was. I would bet plenty of owners are limping along with bent parking stands since you really do not use them much.

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