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    Default JD 110 TLB Joystick ball joint lubrication

    The joy stick on my 110 has been getting increasingly harder to operate. I looked at the joy stick linkage and didn't see any signs of lubrication. I've looked in the Tech Manual for specifics on what lubrication should be applied to the ball joints for the joy stick linkages on my 110 TLB but haven't found anything. I've squirted the ball joints with brake cleaner followed by a light spray oil to get me by. Can anyone tell me what lubricant I should be using?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: JD 110 TLB Joystick ball joint lubrication

    Try spray on graphite . You can find it at farm stores .

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    Default Re: JD 110 TLB Joystick ball joint lubrication

    Door Ease costs a little more for a small can of spray on graphite and my hardware store carries it.

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    Default Re: JD 110 TLB Joystick ball joint lubrication

    I use LPS-2 and it seems to work well.

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