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    Default 2320 Tach and hour meter. I found the solution!

    I just had my dash apart and have a solution. I have a 2320. My Tach died at 117 hrs. Here is the deal. The tach is getting moisture in it and seazing up which causes the cable to break. Simply replacing the cable will not solve the problem but you don't need a new dash.
    What I did:
    Removed cable and found it twisted off at the engine. It looked like it still had a bit of oil on it so I was curious as to why it would break. I pulled the dash and found the tach locked up. I simply removed the 2 little screws in the back to pull off the cable connection and the one drive gear and with a little wd40 I was able to free up the shaft. I then hooked up my cordless drill and spun it up and kept hitting it with wd40 until the rust stopped coming out. Cleaned everything up (I just washed the whole dash assembly in dawn and warm water) I left it out to dry tonight and will get a new cable tomorrow. The only way to keep this from happening is to lube it once in a while (the back of the dash) or keep your tractor out of the rain.

    Sorry in advance as i don't do pictures because I work alone. It is very obvious once you get the dash off.

    Warning: If your tach quits DO NOT replace the cable unless you free up the tach first as you will just destroy the new cable!

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    Default Re: 2320 Tach and hour meter. I found the solution!

    Great post, Just the info I needed,


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