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    Default Transmission Error?

    Hi all,
    First post here, glad i found this site.

    I just bought a 5085M (used), and today I was using just to move some cows between farms when the transmission error light came on. When it came on the tractor was actually in park and running, as I was unhooking the gooseneck from it. I used the lift buttons on the fender to finish the process of unhooking. When I got back in the cab, the transmission error light was on.

    It went back off fairly quickly and never did come back on again. Is there something to worry about?


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    Default Re: Transmission Error?

    My 3720 is in the shop for something similar; ERR06. It's been coming on and clearing itself for about a year now, but recently has temporarily stopped the tractor cold. Engine running, just won't move - but after a while the error clears and the tractor will once again move normally. Dealer picked up the tractor for a recall issue, so I asked them to check out the ERR06. I called yesterday to find out what was taking too weeks to fix. Apparently they read out several other error codes besides the 06, most of which were related to a MFWD sensor. It's being replaced, but I waited too long to have it covered under warranty (one friggin' year on electronics).

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