Was loading up a heavy piece of equipment on a trailer the other day using the loader and that job was done, before I even parked it and shut it off for the night, the tractor wouldn't idle properly. It would run normal at idle, then drop, almost stall out, pick back up. Repeat that cycle a few times (unless I gave it gas) and eventually stalls out.

At the same time this started, when I operate the loader (empty bucket), doing so immediately stalls the engine out unless I rev the engine. I never had this symptom before. Also if I go use the tilt on the bucket, as its getting close to being tipped all the way down, I lose down pressure.

I'm totally stumped here. All new fluids, new transmission filter and clean screen. New fuel filters (did that last week to see if that fixed the problem, nope) Fluids at the proper level. All this happened all at once, and only when the tractor is hot. Next day the tractor is fine until its warm, then the same symptoms return. Engine is running at 175F at the top thermostat housing with ambient being 67F / 18C. (used a laser thermometer)

I'm lost guys. Please help!