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    Default 62EDGE deck vs 62C deck--same mower blades?


    I've got a John Deere 2210 with 62" belly mower. It says "62EDGE" on the deck itself.

    I went online and I could only find the "62C" mower deck in this list of compatible attachments for the 2210.

    I recently saw another John Deere 2210, and that mower deck looked just like mine, but it was clearly labeled 62C, not 62EDGE.

    The reason I ask is, I need to replace the mower blades, and I'm not sure if I can use the mower blades specified in the manual for the 62C (I haven't been able to find a manual or parts list for the "62EDGE" deck); I suppose it's possible it has a different spline on the center hole, or some other minor difference that would make it incompatible. I would hope not, but you never know...

    Can anyone here shed some light on the difference between the "62EDGE" and "62C" decks, and if they use the same blade? The part number I think I want is M143504. I'm planning on getting them from AgriSupply, which seems to have the best price on blades.



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    Default Re: 62EDGE deck vs 62C deck--same mower blades?

    I have owned both decks & used the same blades on both.
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    Default Re: 62EDGE deck vs 62C deck--same mower blades?

    I ordered blades for the 62C deck from AgriSupply. Blades came yesterday, I put them on today. Turns out they are Oregon blades, Oregon part # 90-309. They are the exact same length as the blades that were on the deck, which I think are OEM blades (they were on the tractor when I bought it from the prior owner). They are not quite exactly the same design as the blades that I took off, but very close.

    Anyway, they seem to cut great, and I'm happy with them.

    Also, one last thing: I looked closely at my deck and here's what I found: on one side, it says:

    The EDGE
    Cutting System
    Next to that, there is a 62.

    On the other side of the deck, in smaller print, and on the sticker with the model and serial number, it says "62C".

    So, apparently, it's a 62C deck. I'm not sure what the EDGE thing is. Maybe it's just an additional sticker that got slapped on some of these decks. The other mower deck that I saw recently had "62C Convertible" sticker where mine says "The EDGE Cutting System".

    Oh,and one last thing. I try to involve my family in tractor activities--safely, of course. I'm blessed to have a whole crew of little ones who love to work with daddy. By the time we got done, the deck was clean as a whistle ;-)

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