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    Default Garden Hoe!

    Earlier this year I purchased a 1026R with deck, loader, and tiller. After having it for a month or so I got a wild hair and decided I needed a backhoe for it also. I did have a root ball that I needed to remove from my dads place so I used that as justification.

    Needless to say, I took a fair amount of grief from my lovely spouse of 37 years about the actual need for a backhoe. The whole "it's a tool and therefore a long term investment" argument didn't seem to placate her. Nonetheless, I was having fun.

    Today, I feel especially vindicated. She had planted something called salsify in her garden this year. It a root thingy, something similar to a carrot but with a deeper root structure and from what I understand it is supposed to have a flavor of oysters. Not sure why she wanted it, sounds yucky to me.

    The cool part is that after it took her so long to dig the first one out, she came and asked me to dig them out with ... you guessed it, my backhoe! Backhoe purchase vindicated!!!

    I haven't tasted it, nor am I looking forward to it, but I suggested she plant a lot more of it next year!


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    Default Re: Garden Hoe!

    Oh you have tasted it my friend... it's the taste of VICTORY!

    Quick, strike while the iron is hot and get another "much needed" implement. Although I don't personally have one, a Grapple seems to be quite popular.

    I'm sure that other TBN Members will soon be along to voice their own suggestions.

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    Default Re: Garden Hoe!

    I find that a new tool usually finds a use with me as I learn to use it. I bought a used x728 primarily for snow removal and it came with a Johnny bucket. Initially I thought that I might not have any use for the bucket but ended up leaving it on the machine all summer. In my first season with the machine I've put about thirty hours on the machine moving mulch and compost and de-sodding and what-not and if I had never owned the bucket I wouldn't know what I was missing. I don't think that I've ever regretting buying a tool and I doubt that you'll regret the bucket.

    Now if I could just upgrade my Johnny bucket to a JD front end loader for a bargain.....


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    Default Re: Garden Hoe!

    Well for me the one implement that I bought and never realize how handy it would become is the pallet forks. I use it more than the bucket.


    How could you be told I was french?

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    Default Re: Garden Hoe!

    Grapple. If I didn't have grapple on my old Beaver, I'd put one on the 855 post haste. Very useful for moving piles of brush around without having to do much other than drive into said pile and chop down. I use it for picking up and moving things all the time. Rocks. Logs. Junk. Very useful for that sort of work.
    I like to play in the dirt....
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