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    Default 3520 owners - a little help, please

    I was getting ERR 06 and so checked the corporate knowledge and found the thread on the MFWD sensor. So I went and checked it, only to find the 3 pins pulled out of the connector and just hanging. I know I am missing the plastic clip, but I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to check their sensor to tell me if the wires are in the right holes. They "wanted" to go back into these holes, but I don't want to fire it up in case I have the wht/blk and wht/red reversed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    3520 owners - a little help, please-img_4018-jpg

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    Default Re: 3520 owners - a little help, please

    I'm not close to mine at the moment, but it looks wrong. There's a tab sticking up on the female half (red/orange wires) that should lock home a latch on the male half (red/green/white wires). And in the photo, it doesn't appear to have broken off. Any chance that latch is on the other side of the male half? .

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    Default Re: 3520 owners - a little help, please

    Here's what my 2005 3520 looks like:

    3520 owners - a little help, please-2-jpg3520 owners - a little help, please-1-jpg

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    Default Re: 3520 owners - a little help, please

    Awesome, thank you. I had tried it with the red/wht and blk/wht reversed and it threw ERR 01. When I reversed it like yours, it worked fine. Appreciate the help!

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