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    Default JD skid steer

    I am borrowing a JD skid steer loader this weekend.
    How difficult will this be to learn to opperate?

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    Default Re: JD skid steer

    They are very easy. All ya do is put on your seatbelt, make sure the parking brake is on, then turn the key. Once it's running disengage the parking brake by pushing the button down twice and your ready to roll. Push 2 levers forward to go forward, pull back to go back, to make a right turn pull the right lever towards you and push left forward. Opposite for left turn. If it has the 2 speed function it will be a orange button on the right lever. To engage push the putton while moving. It will double your speed. To use the bucket use the foot pedals. If I remember correctly the left pedal is for dump and curl and right is for boom height. Push forward to dump and lower boom, push back to curl and raise boom. This is to operate a 200 series JD. The older ones are very similar. Good luck and have fun!


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