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    Default 430 FEL ops

    If I am using the 430 FEL (or any FEL, for that matter) to push over small, 1"-4" saplings, is it harmful to use the top of the bucket (that is, with the FEL turned fully downward)?
    I have tended to do the exact opposite, using the bucket fully curled upward. However, my dad was out at my farm this weekend and I discovered afterward (based on the sap and bark bits along the top of the bucket) that he had been using the bucket in the curled fully downward position to push these trees over. Is it harmful to the hydraulics, etc. to have this kind of pressure put on the top of the bucket?

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    Not sure what it can do to your hydro's and such , but from my experience with the 430 FEL on my JD 990... I can say this , if you try to push that sapling that is just alittle to big or of a different type of tree than what you are currently pushing over you can bend up the light / standard duty bucket ,,,,, they are strongest with the front edge doing the pushing , and will crush if enough force is at the top ...JMHO but I feel that using the front edge to push them down is what seems to work best for me ...
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