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    which one?

    Default Re: FEL Bucket Cutting Edge Lesson's Learned

    Quote Originally Posted by jgayman View Post
    JD only lists the 61" HD bucket as being compatible with the 300CX and 400CX loaders, probably because of the weight. Since he already has a 61" bucket he could probably buy the replacement cutting edge, drill his own holes, and mount it up to his existing bucket.
    That's what I said he could do, but if he does get a new bucket for snow removal then the pre-drilled HD bucket with a bold on edge will work just fine. I know every ounce counts on these small loaders but the 61" HD bucket is a lot tougher and only 56 pounds heaver than the standard 61" bucket. 246 - 190. The 61" HD bucket is also John Deere listed for the 300 and 300X loaders.

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    Default Re: FEL Bucket Cutting Edge Lesson's Learned

    I had a similiar thing happen to my bucket this past winter. One thing I found was that I was not using the selective valve float properly. I had thought that in the middle postion floated and found that full forward was the float. I'm sure this contributed to my wear problem. Now I know! Also saw some cutting edges on ebay that look resonably priced.

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    Default Re: FEL Bucket Cutting Edge Lesson's Learned

    I used one of these all last season on my new 2520, worked great on my paved drive, saved the seal coat and the blade. The plastic wears and I'll probably replace it next year, but $65 is a lot better than $800.

    The only issue is that you are plowing with a FEL, a blade would probably make things quicker.

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