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    Default JD 4X10 Neutral (Lever) Use

    Do most of you or none of you use the neutral position on
    your HST lever?

    I find it about impossible to "feel it" on this 4210. I have to keep hitting one of the pedals to see if I'm really in neutral which kind of defeats the purpose of having a neutral when it's a hassle to use. The tractor has only about 10 hours on it so I'm hoping it will get better.

    With it hard to find neutral I thought it weird that the
    tractor would also start in "gear" or rather in "range".
    Kind of double problem, can't find neutral and it starts
    in gear. I don't think my kubota BX would start in gear.

    It had a two speed with the neutral in the middle and was
    super easy to "feel" neutral. Changing ranges was always
    full back or full forward so no problem there.

    The JD, being a 3 speed, I'm guessing they didn't put the
    neutral at the end as it would make changing ranges tougher
    which you do far more then finding neutral.

    I have another Kubota though that has a straight shifter
    and you have to move it sideways to use all the positions.
    It seems like that would work better for finding neutral.

    Anyway I happened to be reading something on the Kubota forum
    and I'm guessing that when your foot isn't on the "go pedals"
    that an HST is actually in neutral and that the lever position
    only keeps it from going from neutral to a gear.

    I do things where I am constantly hopping on and off the
    tractor. Do most of you just get off with it in "range" with
    the engine running? I'm talking about getting off for 60

    The discussion on the Kubota forum also mentioned that if the
    tractor is turned off in "gear" that finding neutral on an
    HST with the engine off to start it would be tough. I
    remember on my BX that I many times couldn't get it in gear
    my gently moving the lever unless I blipped the pedal a titch.

    I'm guessing that is why this starts "in gear".

    I've learned to survive tractor use over the years by assuming
    the worst, that it will start up, go into gear and then run
    over/after me. It's disconcerting to already have it in "gear"
    unless it is really in neutral when you have no weight on the pedals.

    Again I'm not talking about standing in front of the tractor
    or being on a hill. I also read in the owners manual that
    the parking brake does not either work on four wheels or work
    at all with the HST lever in neutral.

    Thanks for any comments


    Got to use the JD for an important use today, lifting the
    snowmen's (er snowperson') belly's up on top of their lower

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    Default Re: JD 4X10 Neutral (Lever) Use

    On all the JD 4000 and ten series I find it hard to feel the ranges. Gear shift or hst. On the 970/990 it's really smooth and I can get perfect shifts everytime.

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    Default Re: JD 4X10 Neutral (Lever) Use

    I actually prefer to park it "In gear" and then shift to neutral after I am on and ready to start it again.

    The parking break has never given me much confidence that it would be sufficient to hold the tractor in place on a significant slope.

    The HST doesn't really go into a free-wheeling position when you release the pedals. In fact, it kind of shuts off the hydraulic flow.

    - Rick

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    Default Re: JD 4X10 Neutral (Lever) Use

    I never use neutral, as I never get off with the tractor running.
    95% of my use is in mid range and I have never even shifted into hi range. No, I don't like the stiffness of the range lever, it's basically the only control I find awkward to use.

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