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    FYI, A while back I loaned my 755 to my brother-in-law. He was kind enough to return it with a blown motor. After the tear down it was apparent overheat was the root of the evil. I figure between the air filter clog and the front grill loaded up the over heat cooked her pretty good. Any way my point is, during the rebuild I found the new wrist pin bushings purchased from John Deere fit worse than than the worn originals. John Deere was very helpful and pulled new bushings from three other lots, all with different tollerances. Quality control? I wound up with a little yankee inginuity, I measured the new wrist pin, the new connecting rod and resorted to a search in a engine rebuild catalog and found a 1986 Renault Alliance had just the right size. I narrowed them slightly, improved the port, and got a perfect fit. I figure the entire job was about $900.00 in parts and some engine shop machine time. The lesson is two-fold, 1. Don't loan your tractor to my brother-in-law and check your new John Deere parts before you install.

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    I've got a 755 myself and your problem has hit anerve with me. I'll change my air filter tomorrow, and check my grill every outing. I've noticed it gets pretty clogged up with those fluffy grass weedy seedy thingys. One thing I would like to find is a real honest to goodness engine temperature gauge . I just don't trust that idiot light. Has anyone hooked one to a 755 . I would like engine coolent temp not radiator . Lost a '66 Austin Healey to a blocked thermostat . Gauge was on the radiator.

    Good luck with your tractor.


    Reg in SC ( 88 deg F in the shaded today) where did spring go ???

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    A few years ago I replaced a tempature idiot light on an Iseki 21 horse diesel. After a lot of looking around I found an aftermarket gizmo at a large Twin Cities auto parts place for adding a temp. gauge to a Nissan. This had metric male threads to go in the water jacket where the idiot light sender was screwed in and SAE female threads to accept the american made tempature gauge. The whole thing was 3 cm. long and cost 3 bucks. I would bet a radiator shop or you could solder or braze up something if you can find the two ends. I too I'm leary of tempature lights instead of gauges on a tractor with all sorts of dust and ,especially weed seed , clogging up the radiator- I like to see it coming.


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