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    Default New 990 in Alaska

    I saw the new 990 today in the Anchorage dealer yard.

    Previous posts have mentioned that the exhaust is now routed below and the SCV connectors are now on the right hand side for the 430 loader. The SCV supply tubing seems to be somewhat unprotected under the tractor foot plate. Also the seat suspension is different- feels a bit stiffer.

    I also noticed that the engine is the 4TNV series now. The fuel filter is a spin on canister unit at the motor. Kind of looks like a oil filter. The filter back at the tank seems to be larger and has a different drain setup on it.

    The dash is the same.

    The front axle select for 4WD is now at the lower left near the PTO lever. You have to bend over much further now to engage it.

    Small stuff. Makes me wonder why they bother changing it unless it's a cost savings or a significant improvement in safety or operating.


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    Default Re: New 990 in Alaska

    My neighbor has a new 790 which I had a good look at the other day. A few cosmetics over my 790 but not much then I saw a biggie...

    They eliminated the lateral float feature on the tph lower links! Mine has slots which can be set rigidly or allowed to float. I love this feature as it lets a landscape rake better follow the ground contours with less gouging. An obvious cost savings measure, but it's a loss I wouldn't be happy with [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: New 990 in Alaska

    Yep. I hate the new 990. Why screw up something good? They switched from a good suspension seat to no suspension except 2 lousy springs. Lucky we have the old ones.

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