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    Default Hot Hot Hydraulic Fluid 1050

    I feel like a fool. I used my tractor today for approximately
    1 hr before I realized that the hydraulic stop valve, the one
    under the seat was closed. I was forcing fluid past the relief
    valve, which is what you do if you want to heat the fluid up
    quickly. The manual states that you should not keep the
    valve closed for more than 3 minutes when warming up the
    fluid. I had it closed for 1 hr. After she cooled down I checked
    the fluid color, smell, and level, and all seems fine. Should I
    change the fluid? It only has 100hrs on it. The manual says
    that keeping the stop valve closed for too long can result in
    a damaged pump. My loader and 3-pt hitch work well and
    quickly. Thanks for your help.


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    Default Re: Hot Hot Hydraulic Fluid 1050

    Without an oil analysis you don't know how much of it's lubrication factor has broken down. A new filter and fluid is just cheap insurance.

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    Default Re: Hot Hot Hydraulic Fluid 1050

    Thanks for the advice. I changed the hydraulic fluid today,
    including filter, and a thorough wash of the screen. Everything
    seems to work perfectly.


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