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    Default 1070 dual clutch issue

    I have a JD 1070 with a dual clutch. When the clutch is fully depressed and the PTO engaged the implement starts to turn spin away. From what I understand it should not start to spin until the clutch is let half way up. I checked the pedal freeplay and it is within spec.
    Does the clutch need to be replaced or is something else causing the problem?

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    Default Re: 1070 dual clutch issue

    How many hours are on the tractor? More then a thousand?

    Are the linkages correct and operating? You might just be measuring the free play on the secondary clutch (for the drive motion). It sounds like the PTO clutch may be frozen or rusted, but that's a guess.
    Does the transmission work OK otherwise?

    You probably need to get in there to see what's going on...

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    Default Re: 1070 dual clutch issue

    Do you feel the second stage when you push the pedal? When everything is right, you should be able to feel the pedal get noticably harder to push about halfway down. That is the pto clutch you feel. If you don't feel it at all or only near the bottom, your transmission clutch disk is probably nearly worn out. Typically, the trans clutch wears faster than the pto clutch, causing the adjustment to get out of sync when you adjust free travel. The only real fix is to split the tractor and replace worn parts and adjust the clutch pack to specs.

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