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    Default 2210 tires & rims

    What is the best source on the internet to buy replacement tires and rims for the 2210? My front tires have taken quite a beating and have had many nail holes patched up. I would feel more comfortable if I had a "spare" tire on a rim for the front.

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    I have tried to purchase new front tires for my 2210. The only show in town is john deere. You must tell the dealer that they come from the whole parts division. They come as a pair of tires mounted on rims. My fix was to have the tires filled with foam as used in coal mines. That added about 50 lbs per tire. No problem with flats now.

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    Default Re: 2210 tires & rims

    I'd like to put r4's on mine. Does anyone know who makes them for the 2210. Also, does it make the tractor any taller. I only have a 7' door to my shed. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: 2210 tires & rims

    Where would I go to get the tires filled with foam?

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    Default Re: 2210 tires & rims

    If you have the turf style tires, Carlisle Multi-Trac 18x8.50-10,
    part number 5743U1, You may try contacting either Carlisle directly to find a dealer or TiresUnlimited

    Carlisle Tire & Wheel Company

    Tires Unlimited

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: 2210 tires & rims

    My 2210 came from the dealer with the following R4 tires. They do provide a lot more traction than the standard turf tires.

    Front: Carlisle Trac Chief 18X8.50-10
    Rear: Carlisle Trac Chief 26X12.00-12


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