Hello all, I have a 1070 with a quick attach 440 loader that has some pretty good play and rattle around. There are two places that have a lot of play -

The loader towers at the lower end that hook over the square tubes that are attached to the tractor have almost a 1/4" gap between the mast mount and the square tubes that it goes around. I have looked at other John Deere tractors and they do not have this gap. The square tubes have minimal wear and it looks like the lower mast mount is worn. Is there a way to shim this or add some weld to tighten up the gap?

The second place that is worn is the bushing that attaches the main loader arms to the top of the mast. The bushings on the mast have a 1" i.d. The bushings on the loader arms have a 1.045" i.d. and they are out of round. Is there a way to drill those out and use bigger pins? The bushings are welded in place, is it easier to cut them out and weld in new bushings?

Thanks for the help!!!