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    Finally, this weekend I was able to give the JD a serious work out. The contractors had left a boom of earth from the pool excavation. So the project was to redistribute. I have turf tires and had been concerned that I would spend most of my time spinning the wheels as I tried to bite into the earth. The tire chains really worked well. The ground is much drier but I felt they gave me that extra bite. I worked with a 5ft box blade on the back as wel as the Fel. This is a great combination as you have the weight when working with the fel and then you can turn round and clean up with the blade. I think the 5ft is a little big for the 2210,not sure Im not straining the tranny even though I release as soon as it slowed down. I found that working at just over 2000 rpm was the optimum for this kind of work. Hope you all were able to get some seat time in

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    I've been using mine heavily too. New building and septic were installed last fall/winter with lots of dirts left around. Been using a rear blade and FEL. Has worked grear!

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