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    Default Overseeding Bahia Grass

    I live in South Florida. I need to overseed a grass taxiway on our airpark. It is a sandy soil with patchy Bahia grass. What do I need to attach to my JD 790 to scratch up the surface enough to plant the grass seed, without plowing it up to the point it is too soft to taxi airplanes over? I have never used a disk harrow. Can it be set to just scratch up the surface? I don't think a landscaping rake would make a slit to bury the seed.

    I am getting lots of work done with my 790 and appreciate the advise I got here on installing grab hooks and loader shims.

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    Default Re: Overseeding Bahia Grass

    I was just reading the instructions on a bag of expensive grass seed yesterday that basically said: Mow the grass in the area to be over seeded. Spread the seed using your choice of methods. Rake the grass so the the seed makes contact with the soil. make sure the area is kept somewhat damp until the grass seed germinates.

    Think I would use a landscape rake turned around backward so as not to move any dirt, just to make sure that the grass seed gets filtered down between the existing grass blades and is in contact with the soil.

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    Thanks for the information. I have a home made rake. I'll give it a try in my yard.


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