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    Default FEL for new JD House

    I couldn't help myself - THey're now marketing JD HOUSES!

    see it here

    Wonder what attachments will be available [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: FEL for new JD House

    I read that. Boy, JD is hard up and only $5K?

    Someone with a 1/2 million dollar home: A) really want a JD mower and b) it is a toy! or C) really cares to have one!

    I would say, "Keep the JD stuff, show me the money!"

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    Default Re: FEL for new JD House

    Looks like a clever experiment in marketing. That Deere dealer nearby will have an opportunity of a lifetime to be close to a concentrated area like that. I've noticed some communities that are already like that, almost a Club, without it being tied to the beginning development.

    I am sure the other tractor companies will do the same thing, or attempt to do it.

    I only don't like it a bit, becuase it seems to create a clique or groupie-type thing. Pitty the homeowner, or envy, the homeowner who trades his green in for some other color. I wonder if there is a covenant that would restrict that? I hope not.

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    Default Re: FEL for new JD House

    I do not think other dealers will follow. The wording is "The purchase price includes a choice of landscape designs prepared and installed by Deere. Thousands of dollars worth of riding lawnmowers, leaf-blowers and other equipment will fill one of the three garage bays."

    I do not know what that means and it is not an "X-series" either" by the wording. In the pix is a toy at like $1,XXX at Home Depot and I am sure it is the cheapest deere then can find.

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