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    Default JD 4500 Power Beyond Question with Impliments

    I have a 4500 operating a Kuhn 6' flailmower. This mower comes equipt with an optional hydraulic offset for those places where the tractor won't fit or too close to a fence, wall, etc... If I connect my power beyond to it I lose my 3 pth capability and it will not lift. Obviously i am overlooking something simple. All advise will be appreciated. Thanks, Roger

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    Default Re: JD 4500 Power Beyond Question with Impliments

    No, not power beyond! As you see, it doesn't work, and that isn't what its for... Power beyond is used to connect a backhoe, or splitter; something with its own selective control valves (SCV's)

    If you dont already have it, what you need is a third SCV. (See attached pic...) There will be another set of outlets in the rear and a 1 way stick in front of your cupholder

    AM875172 SV (A-1) ****'Y $568.24** USD (should be it, but I am NOT a parts guy, although I DO play one on television...) [ [img]/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img]that's Assembly, it's not often that I get edited! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img]]

    ** hey, its only money! what else would you possibly do with it anyway?!!!

    You can also get an aftermarket valve. It won't be as clean. You already have the valve, you just need the control and plumbing...
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