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    Default Tire Chains for 4520

    I am interested in buying some tire chains for my 4520 for wintertime. I need some that are easy and quick on and off and that are tight to the wheel. I also noticed that I have almost no clearance between my R4 tire and the fender. Is there any way to scoot the wheel out a bit to give it clearance or do I have to reverse the wheel to get the clearance I need?? Currently, I would not want to put a tire chain in a space that tight. Also, do tire chains on these big tires tend to stay put well, or are there other issues I need to have concern about? I am not concerned about going in snow, it's the stopping I am concerned about. I feel tire chains would offer that added security I need, if they are not too difficult to install.

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    Default Re: Tire Chains for 4520

    You can reverse the tires and gain about an inch of clearance. Not much, but better than what you have.

    I did that and then made my own chains, that the side chains would fit in the depression that is at the outside edge of the bars. They work great and do not slip around in use.

    Another outside possibility is to see if has chains that would have a narrow or thin side chain that would work. I have a cable chain for my SUV that only has about 3/4" room between the emergency brake cable and the tire. The side 'chain' is actually a cable, and they go on/off very easily. Can be seen on also, but I don't think they would work for the big R-4 tires in snow and on ice.

    Last resort would be to add spacers to move the tire further out. But I don't think there should be a problem, as long as the tire chains don't fail and one ends up with a broken link that would catch the fender. Not a pretty thought. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img]

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