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    Default front chains

    I've got a JD955 4x compact tractor. Front bucket rear plow. Water filled tires, rear chains and still get stuck to easy. Dealer does not recomend front chains but shure would love the traction. Just plowin.
    I know it puts undue strain on front drive components but what do you think. Heck it's not your tractor. Tell me it's ok

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    Default Re: front chains

    I don't think it puts undue strain on the front axle, and I base that on a comment made to me by a Deere engineer - that "the front end is designed to handle any 'wind-up' or back-lash caused by leaving the tractor in 4wd". So I don't see how using chains would add more strain than leaving it in 4wd.

    I think chains on the front have to do with clearance when the tractor is pegged left or right when turning, and the axle is pegged in the tilt position. But I could be wrong. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

    Welcome to the forum. Take some time to do some searching on the subject, as there have been "many" posts regards chains on the front wheels.

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    Default Re: front chains

    I agree with beenthere. I've got a couple of season's plowing snow (with the tractor...) and use 4x4 quite a bit of the time and always have front chains on my 970. The power steering cylinder is close to the right hub and the drive gear housing takes up alot of the space behind both tire rims -- chain clearance issue... But, I just bungee the heck out of them and keep them snug. Use 4 bungees on the back side of the rim and cross 3 bungees on the outside of the tire/rim. I don't usually keep the tractor in 4-wheel drive ALL the time but the chains are awfully nice to help with steering control on slippery roads and when you drop off the edge of the road while you're dumping another bucket load on the pile, it's sure nice to be able to back up and not have to drag the wife out of the house to pull my sorry butt out of the snow! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
    As well, I don't rush things and do most of my work at about 1500 rpm. I'm trying my best to keep both the bucket and that 7' backblade from crunching something or other, so I'm not jumping the clutch and churning the front wheels. I use the differential lock quite often if I think the wheels are gonna break traction, also. My 3-4 cents.

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    Default Re: front chains

    Beenthere said it best...front chains will help greatly.Just make sure you don't have any extra play which could cause you great damage if the chains got tangled up in the lines etc...

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