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    Default rear ballast

    I have a 3320/fel. Could anyone tell me the recommended amount of ballest to put in/on it. I have a box blade as well but have some tignt areas to work in and it would be easier to not have anything on the back to hang up in the brush and small trees

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    Default Re: rear ballast

    The short answer is that this covered in your manual. You will likely need to have a combination of wheel/tire mounted ballast and three point mounted as well. There are lots of other safety factors covered there, and since I am such a safety conscious guy, I feel obligated to point you there...

    For example notice The ballast placement in the following picture... [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: rear ballast

    Made one for mine. Didn't like the one J.D. sells because of the lenght it hangs out the back, not to mention the price. Learned real quick, when not playing around in the yard I needed some type of ballsast or counterweight. I've started with around 650# with the ability to add more if it still feels uncomfortable with what I'm doing. These little tractors have a tendency to tip without any feel it's doing so. Another lesson I learned quickly.

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    Default Re: rear ballast

    If you are not wanting to always have your box blade attached, I would go with the heaviest liquid ballast you can, such as Rimguard, and probably add some weights also. I think you can add about 330# for rear weights and the tires likely would be 600# or so more, so 900+ pounds which should be enough to get by if you do not have the BB attached. If you did you were certainly be fine. John Deere might argue for more, but I think this would do. I did well with the 3720 I owned in all but the heaviest material on steep inclines with this setup, so I know it works.

    John M

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