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    Default Ag tire repair/patch

    How easily fixable are ag tires---in terms of can a good tire store put a patch on the inside of these?

    I punchered about 1 inch off center on the face of the tire a 3/8 inch elect. grounding rod thru the tire, I am sure the ag bar grabbed the rod which was sticking out of the ground "just right" and forced it into the tire instead of letting the rod bend forward and get bent to the ground.

    I am thinking a place that repairs semi-truck tire should be able to fix this ( I can't imagine that truckers replace tires that have something similar to this happen).

    Anyone know about this?

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    Default Re: Ag tire repair/patch

    I had a similar problem with a cut in the sidewall of a 13x38 ag tire. I tried patching the tire myself with patches from Gemplers, but these always failed in short order. Ag tires are hard to patch. There is a process called sectioning which I finally had done to the tire. It cost about $ 120.00 but has worked well and was alot cheaper than a 400.00 new tire.Any tire shop that handles tractor tires should be able to do this or send the tire to someone who can.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: Ag tire repair/patch

    Why not just boot and tube it? It's cheaper than sectioning, lasts longer than a patch and should you decide to put calcium chloride in the tires for ballast it'll save the rim.

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    Default Re: Ag tire repair/patch

    Some tire shops have a boot type patch that has a plug attached. Those work really well for the type of hole that you have.

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