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    Default 200cx loader speed on 2305 vs. 210 loader on 2210

    I just ordered a 2305 with 200cx loader and was poking around on while I wait for the new machine to arrive. I noticed that the speed of the loader as far as raising and lowering is much slower on the newer machine.

    Does anyone know if the specifications are accurate?

    It says the 210 loader takes 3.8 seconds to raise to full height and the 200cx is 5.56. I know the new loader raises a little higher and it also has a slightly lower hydraulic flow but I though normally new products exceed the specifications of the older ones so I was surprised to see this(and yes I know the new loader can lift more weight also).

    If anyone has first hand experience with both of these please let me know.

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    Default Re: 200cx loader speed on 2305 vs. 210 loader on 2210

    lifting more higher = lower speed if pump speed is similar.

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    Default Re: 200cx loader speed on 2305 vs. 210 loader on 2210


    Be careful of the specs in JD literature; I think in the hurry to get things out, you will see a lot of typo's. I think you can say the loader hydraulics will be so close to that of the 2210's that you wouldn't be able to see a difference.

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