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    Default 8B Backhoe for 990

    Well after over a year of searching, I finally aquired a used 8B Backhoe. I had my local dealer install it. I put it to the test right away by taking on a 30" sand pine stump that had been dead for two years. Well, that stump put me to the test. 5.5 hours later that included 1.5 hours of hand tool work off the tractor, the stump is finally lose. I estimate another hour of work dragging it and the root pile to a fire pile and covering the hole.

    I have two more this size and I think I rather grind them! The Backhoe works great for digging but will not break roots very well. It works good on stumps 12" across or smaller, but the big boys are still alota work and might be better to grind.

    Anybody have experience with 3 point stump Grinders?? How long would it take to grind 18" of vertical height off a 30" wide pine stump? Check out the pictures in the JD photo section.


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    Default Re: 8B Backhoe for 990

    Wow sorry to hear those numbers. I have quite a few stumps to pull on my property and I am considering the 8B and Woods 80-X. The two of them are pretty equal in power except the factory or dealer mechanical thumb you can get on the woods. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

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