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    Default Implement storage space requirements

    As I mull over my next tractor purchase (likely 2320/2520 + 200CX + 46BH) and await the 2320 pricing, I keep wondering exactly how much space the loader/backhoe will consume in the garage when not in use. I have a goodly oversized garage, which I've managed to fill with will all manner of wood/metal and lawn equipment. Storage outside or outbuildings is not am option so I'm trying to decide how tight I will be afterwards. I am obviously trying to minimize dead space around the implements.

    Q1: Just how tight of a space can the 46BH be store in?

    Q2: Any of you come up with particularly clever storage options for implements (in general) to share with everybody?

    For example, in winter when I have the plow on the 335, I keep the mower deck in the covered bed of the F150 to both add weight and get it out of the garage. Ok, maybe not revolutionary, but you get the idea...

    Q3: Depending upon the awkwardness of the BH space requirements, I'm even wondering whether the BH can be dropped on a low, rollable platform to better maneuver and open up more positioning options (e.g. similar concept to the mobile bases I have on some of my wood/metal-working equipment.) Is this realistics/foolish, or does something already exist which can be used for this purpose?

    Q4: Definitely an option of last resort, but is the 200CX truely easy enough to remove such that the loader could be stored on the tractor, but removed on upon every mowing or will it get painfully annoying after the first time or two? (I think I already know the answer but I'll ask anyways.)

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    Default Re: Implement storage space requirements

    My 4110 with loader and 46BH mounted is 16ft long tip-to-tail when parked with everything snugged in tight. Not sure of the measurements of the 2320 or 2520 but probably in the ballpark.

    There are few good threads of homemade BH stands (with casters so they can be rolled around). Do a search on the general forums and something should pop up. One thing to be aware of, the stabilizers do leak down quickly so if you put the BH on a stand something as simple as cargo straps wrapped around will keep the stabilizers upright.

    The 410 loader goes on/off in 2-3 minutes, I do it quite a bit during mowing season and don't find it to be annoying at all. I'm assuming the 200CX is similarly easy(?).


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    Default Re: Implement storage space requirements

    There is a guy on several of the discussion groups that has a firm called MOWER DECK AXLE company. He makes a set of axles and dolly wheels that allow you to store a MMM up on end in the off season. Quite a nice set, they go for around $95.00. Go do a search, unless someone else has his web URL handly.

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    Default Re: Implement storage space requirements

    ADin--can't help with the BH questions, but for the loader, when you remove it--if you do it in the right space--you can pull into when your done, without hooking it up, this saves the time of hooking/unhooking and doesnt take up too much extra space. I do lean my mmm up against a wall in the barn, the floor is way to uneven to use the moweraxle solution (which does look pretty neat BTW).

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    Default Re: Implement storage space requirements

    You will definitely need the casters to minimize storage space on the backhoe. Keep in mind that you will need to use the stablizers and the backhoe arm itself to dismount the backhoe from the tractor. Once the backhoe has landed, you can retract the stabilizers and turn the backhoe arm to the left or right to save overall length. Then use casters to snug the unit against the wall or whatever. BH weights 800#, so get nicer casters.

    Here's the dimensions:

    Tip of subframe to stabilizers = 7ft
    stabilizers to end of backhoe = 4ft (if arm is parallel with direction of tractor)
    stabilizers to end of backhoe = 18" (if arm swung to left/right)
    width with stabilizers up (and tied!) = 4.5 ft
    width with stabilizers up and arm swung = 6.5 ft

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